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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the community is coping with the death of sadie stewart. when drivers can go back into the ohio river to try to retrieve a travor and his passengers. bob is off this morning. it's going to be cool this morning. >> we are going to see some sun. >> despite the chilly start with warm up quickly into the afternoon. a windchill of 31 degrees, it's a cold kind of morning, but by later today you won't need it. that's one of the coldest spots. vevay 29, those are the two coldest spots i could find, harrison and fayetteville in the upper 30s, radar is all clear, we start off with sunshine, a few clouds, 39 at 8:00, we will head to 53 at noon, warmer than it was all day yesterday by the lunch hour and we make it to 63 later today, partly cloudy but windy as well today.
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20 miles per hour at times. this storm system out west is coming our way it's going to bring rain and possible thunderstorms, we will time out that in the weather authority forecast. right now let's checkout the morning drive with jen. >> reporter: we start out good in the morning commute. no problems out there, haven't had any all morning long, let's hope you stay that way. normal travel times, there's a look at 75 right near sharon road and you can see folks are moving long fine in both directions but volume of traffic is picking up around the tri-state. there's 275 near loveland madeira, but 75 near red bank, is not looking bad. volume of traffic areas near 471, more people on the roads there, i-sphub-75 near dixie, seeing more folks there as well, and no unusual delays, we're off to a great great, start, john. two people are dead after two explosions at a brussels
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dozens of people are injured, and all metro stations at brussels are closed wells the buses are shutdown. brussels has evacuated its airport, no flights are take off or landing there right now. we will update the story as we get new information for you. friends and family are dealing with the death of a college student. >> she was hiking at a nature preserve near lexington. she was 22 and a student at transylvania, university and she was expected to graduate soon. dr. laura kale was the principal when katie graduated and said it's a very hard time for students and staff. we're at the beginning of easter week, which for our catholic faith is a special and meaningful time and it's a time of a story that begins with a lot of pain and suffering, and
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the challenge for us is to understand how do we find that hope and new life no a story. we are living it right now. if people want to make a contribution in katie's name they donate to the humane society, and services for katie will be tomorrow at fort wright. the funeral mass will be held seafnt, and the visitation starts at 3:30. corey lip meyer is charged with vehicular homicide. police believe that alcohol played a role in that crash. lip meyer was speeding when he hit another car that killed, and hurt. the ohio river is too dangerous for drivers to try to get that that car had a plunged into the river last week. they have been contacted bit family of a missing man whom they believe was driving that
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childhood poverty is a big problem here in the tri-state, and it's a tough top toik topic to tackle but local 12 has tried. >> we held a discussion last night, and the perry shibley joins us with more on what happened. good morning, perry. >> reporter: local 12 has been investigating the issue of childhood poverty and it's prevalence here in the queen city. six panels talked about a live audience, including the importance of public transit to preventing poverty, the value of education, mentoring and access to food. this is video from that discussion last night. another issue talked about the amount of money spent on childhood poverty initiative. staffers from the house, weighs and means committee put that total at $1 trillion per hear. it doesn't seem to be solving the problem just yet, but experts are saying we are headed
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>> also, once we have platforms such as this, and we have the talented people at the taibility such as myself, we're going to do a better job, this is who i am. i was born to be a servant. i come from a servant family. >> $1 million, what are you going to do with it? we want to do -- we want to development, and the health and wellness, invest in the . >> reporter: and one local woman is investing in education, coming up at 7:00 on star 64 i'll introduce you to debbie bowman, she is one of the lucky ones of breaking the cycle of it forward. she is the president of the girls hope, and boys hopes, and it's an organization helping to educate kids. s. if you missed that local town hall, you can still watch it at
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ask sorta to stop the vote car during big event like oktoberfest or the owning day parade. some people want the street car to keep operating in other part the line. few lines for bengals players. >> and aj receiver have good news, on the one-year anniversary they announced they are expecting a baby. aj mccarran will be father soon. if any team has an offer to get mccarran, lewis will de decline. >> that's all right. of the story of winnie the
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live bear arare 6:09 this morning in cincinnati refine, a list of amazing local venues for your big event. from weddings to baby showers, bachelor parties to birthdays. let start with anderson pavilion. it might be the coolest place in cincinnati to get married. that view in the river and can't be topped. one the newest venues is also
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the transis the gothic church, and trendy over-the-rhine. what about the wow factor the taft museum of art. it's unique and supremely memorable. you can see the list of all venues along with all that is new at it gets warmer by this afternoon, in fact, by noon it will be warmer than it was yesterday, and into the 60s, it gets windy this afternoon, if you are driving a high-profile vehicle, hold on to that steering wheel, it could get gusts this afternoon. we are tracking rain when it gets here and the detail time line coming up to the weather authority time line. no problems reported, we have been accident tre and we have no overnight construction now. we are out of the way. and as we look at areas near the ronald ronald reagan county highway,
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we gee at we go at i-75, all over the tri-state, the interstates are looking pretty good. normal travel times, if we see any unusual delays, we will tell you. up dated toys, why apple
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aroundnd.. 6:13 and we have the latest at break news from brusselses. explosions killed 13 people and hurt dozens more. and the brussels' is confirming these are terror attacks. security is being tie end at all airports in paris, all flights are canceled in and out of brussels today. the explosions came after the arrest of the prime suspect which left 130 people dead in paris attacks. we will keep a look at that periodically. president obama watching of cuba's baseball team take the on
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doze political protesters were arrested and president balm plans to meet with them today. both presidents acknowledge there's still disagreements. >> our starting point is that we have two different systems of government, two different economies, and we have decades of profound differences. there are more changes coming to the country, starwood hotels announced it will be the first american company to run three hotels in cuba and carnival says it will start offering cruises to cuba in may. apple in the and the fbi won't be going to court today over privacy issues. they were set to argue today over unlocking the phone that belonged to one of the san bernardino attackers. now, the justice department says that an outside party may have a way for them the fbi to unlock the phone. hulk hogan will get
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his sex tapes that, is in addition to the $115 million that the jury awarded last week in the case. this is paster punitive damages. hogan sued gawker media, and its founder for violating his privacy by posting a piece of video which included him having sex with his friend's wife. trending now, apple is introducing its new products and the company thinks small certify better this go around. the new smaller iphone known as the iphone se will only have a 4-inch screen. it makes it easier to put in your pocket. it hit stores on march 31st. and the new ipad prowill have a smaller screen, but that screen will have a less reflective and brighter and it will work with the apple pen pencil. a woman naid maddox wants to make her great grandfather famous. her new book faurs the bear that is behind the story of winnie the pooh.
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about to be shipped out to world war i. harry bought a young female cub and named her winny. she became the mascot for harry's regimen in england. he had to keep her safe when he left for england, and she became the attraction at the zoo, among those kids were christopher robin. his father aa mill wrote the now famous children's stories winnie the pooh. it's a story about her great, great grandfather and winny is called finding winny, and lindsay say a mill may have made the character famous, but he made it possible. >> it's first time i heard it. i always knew that aa mill had written about his son, and his son was the character in the book but i had no idea of a little bear. >> that incredible. >> inspired by a real bear. >> i saw the video of the children playing with this bear.
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were, but i guess the bear had an unbelievable demeanor. >> i just want to read that book, now, don't you? >> absolutely. >> it's a baby bear. [ laughter ] >> literally. [ laughter ] >> guys, i wanted to start with a look at cbg, because obviously what is going on belgium, we could possibly see some delays, international flights and that kind of thing. i have been keeping an eye on cbg's website, and so far there's no delays or departures from cincinnati. i wanted to lit know, of course, if you're going anywhere at the airport, you may want to check your flight status before you leave. there's delays, areas like atlanta, las vegas, san francisco and l.a. those might be typical delays, i don't think this anything is going at our airport because of what is going on at belgium this morning. as we look at the interstates, no problems, let's take a look at the roads here, sharon you look great.
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all on the interstates, seeing volume of traffic picking up in areas of 471, there's a live look south of u.s. 27. you are seeing heavy traffic between 275 and the bridge, and nothing unusual on our interstates at this point in time. john. >> reporter: i want to highlight the fact that s going to be windy. winds could gust upwards of 20 miles per hour in the afternoon. it will be a warmer day, but with the winds gusting, we will see temperatures push spot 60s. checkout the wind forecast, they start out calm this morning, but as we go through late afternoon. notice how the arrows get bigger, you start to see green arrows indicating some gusts could go over 35 miles per hour at times into the afternoon, and then the winds calm down tonight, but it stays rather breezy through the overnight, and rather windy again as we move through tomorrow afternoon here, so winds will be an issue with us the next couple of days, 30s this morning, it start out chilly. you will need the coat or jacket as you head out the door. by noon 53, that is warmer than it was all day yesterday. expect a blend of sun and cloud
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we will make it up to 63 degrees by late this afternoon. partly cloudy, and certainly a windy day ahead of us. here is the view downtown right now where it's currently 38, south winds at 10, and not all that strong on the wind but they will increase, a windchill of 31 degrees, and you will see temperatures ranging from the upper 60s into the 30s, 29 now at vevay, but up the war at warsaw, it's 39, 34 wilmington, a cold start if you live in middletown, 34 there, and crittenton and kentucky the current temperature is 37 degrees, notice there's nothing on radar, we do not expect any rain in the area today. in fact, tomorrow looks mainly dry as well, but that is all going to change later this week. the storm system out west begins to gather energy and move our way. you can see rain out here through parts of california up into oregon, washington state, utah, even some snow in the higher elevations the sierra nevada, and this is part of the
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colorado which is going to move our way back on thursday, bringing a round of rain here. clockwise floating around the high, brings the winds from the south, and southwest today through tomorrow, so windy, and warmer, sums it up today and tomorrow. there's a slim chance for an isolated shower late tomorrow, most of us will be dry tomorrow, but as we get into thursday, here comes the low tracking toward the great lakes pushing a cold front our way, and that is the leading edge of cooler air, some showers developing ahead of that front on thursday morning, rain becoming likely into thursday afternoon, this takes you through your thursday, a lot of yellow, a lot of orange on that map, so we expect a round of rain, even embedded thunderstorms not out of the question. 63 degrees today, windy and warm, and today we're mild upper 50s at 8:00. 54 at midnight. clouds will tend to thicken at midnight tonight as we drop to 48 degrees. just a few days ago those were the highs, we flipped the script here. going to 62 on wednesday, a slim
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but there's a slim chance, it's coming on thursday. we get cooler are clearing out on friday. 49 but warming for the weekend depend. how about a 63 and sunshine on saturday, i'll take it. scowbt a 66 on easter sunday and how about the fact that rain chances may be going down. one of our more reliable commuter models wants to keep easter sunday dry and bring the rain into the picture on monday. right now just a chance for a shower on sunday until we sort that out. those chances may be going down. track it on tv, online, on social media, so the web, and on the go with our weather authority app. it's free. guys, back to you. all right, john, 6:22, going on a joyride. the 11-year-old who stole a
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ahead at 6: it's a new season, that means that starbucks is introducings and it's bringing tea.
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will play the tampa rays today. millions are expected to watch the crowds watching in havana. president obama, and cuba's president fiddle fidel kass terror are expected to castro isexpected to be there. i'm starting to see a them of people who like to embarrass either their spouse or children. anything that embarrasses my kids. you need bob there to sing some of these songs just going to have to get the gummer to do it. she must admit, the gummer, we really rock out. >> that was good. >> my 11-year-old loves it when i sing guns and roses, sweet mild child of mine to him. wait, my bad. he hates it. i want you to sing me, only because my husband hates that song. i don't get to sing, but if he -- he hears it he changes the station. >> rebecca says, i'm a middle
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teacher, mother of two, but when headed by whole, the volume depose up, and she is 19 again. >> come on, john, try it. >> i'm not going to -- >> and like a -- >> there we go. >> that was good. >> and he says, ceci top, nothing is off limit, not saying that i sing them well, but i will sing them well. >> john kind of scared me. >> it's enthusiasm, that is what it is. >> stay with us, join the conversation just like the local 12 page on facebook and share your thoughts. stay with us as we follow breaking news of terror attacks in belgium. now we know 23 people are dead and the u.s. embassy is ordering all americans to shelter in place after suicide attacks at the airport and subway station. a european nation official says that isis is likely spofnlt the responsible.
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we do have rain on the i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way
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that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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break now at 6:30, brussels attack tr terrorist. a visit by the vice president why joe biden is today. preparing for severe weather today. good morning, it's 6:30 bob is off today, i'm sheila gray. >> i'm bob lomax, we will get to
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we will talk about the weather, and that is going to change. hi, winds are going to pick up into the afternoon. outside right now 38 degrees. it's not as cold as yesterday morning. still quite a chill. south winds at 10, that is producing a windchill of 31 degrees. we range from the upper 20s in a few spots like vevay at 29, to other places and mount checks in at 38 degrees. there's nothing showing up on radar, we don't expect anything today. 39 the start. we will see partly cloudy skies through the morning, chilly conditions through the day, but by the lunch hour, we up to 53, and on the way home 61 degrees with a blend of sun and clouds. it gets windy. keep that in mind. we could see the wind gust up upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour. i'm tracking the weather system out west.
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bring us some rain, and that rain, may impact your morning and afternoon drives later this week. i'm going to have a detailed time line on that coming up in minutes. right now let's check on the morning drive with jen dalton. >> reporter: we will take a look at a couple of different areas in town where traffic is picking up. there's a live look near ridgewood and you are going to see the signs there showing us travel times. from ridgewood up to the ohio river, going tike you about 18 minutes. that is a normal travel time this morning, and also, 75 up near sharon road, if you're headed from sharon to near 75 in the dayton area. it's going to take you 35 minutes. 275 near loveland madeira and it's picking up near red bank. through the lockland split, but normal travel times right now. guys, back to you. all right, thank you, jen. >> we continue to follow that breaking news out of belgium.
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after a terror attack in brussels this morning. the first two blasts went off at the brussels airport, and another hit a subway station, and adam clements is tracking the newest information in the our newsroom right now. adam. >> reporter: this is still an o on going situation, and belgium officials have urged them to seek the same and seek shelter. around 6:30, the first blast went off in at the airport and an hour later another explosion rocked a nearby metro station. belgium media stations reported that gunshots were heard just before how thing in arabic. so far no reports of how many people have been killed. indications are that around 2 dozen have died in explosions. investigators are calling this a terrorist attack. yesterday investigators said that the new suspect, possibly the person who maimed the bomb was likely on the loose at brussels.
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friday authorities arrested absala and he is believed to have been involved in the terrorists attacks. here is now witnesses accounts of what exactly what happened this morning. >> it felt like a wave, it's like a wave. >> and you knew as soon as it happened no doubt. it was a terrorist a attack. >> the smoke, and water dripping from the ceiling, walk through puddles, and we were evacuated. now again, in is still a very active situation at belgium terror alert has been raised to its maximum level. all transportation in brussels has been shutdown. make sure you make the switch to start 64 at 7:00 as we continue to track the latest development. local 12 news, sheila. adam, thank you, security is
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and france. the euro star trains are not running from france to brussels, and the terror alerts in france are at the highest levels, and say that terror attacks are likely. happening today in local news, a woman will be sentenced for tampering with her sick son's feeding tube. jessica's son was staying at cincinnati's children hospital when he was is accused of the putting benadryl into the feeding tube. her son was in the hospital receiving treatment for a condition that causes the skin to become easily irritated and blistered. happening today family and friends will say their good-byes to a 4-year-old boy. the rigs funeral home, and middletown, and the funeral will follow. cooper's father richie -- stepmother is. in jail. one of them is accused of
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crashing into a pole will be in court today. of william dickens of kansas city is charged with a chase that started in sharonville, end anded in glenville. we covered most of this morning yesterday. he was stealing mail from mailboxes. that caused wires to be done for a long time. there was a gas leak, crews spent several hours getting it all cleaned up. happening today, vice president joe biden is here in cincinnati campaigning for former governor ted strickland. >> strickland is running against rob portland for the u.s. senate seat from ohio this november. a win for strickland, would make both of ohio senators democrat. die ben, and president obama have endorsed strickland. there's a new setback for people trying to get medical marijuana on the ohio ballot. attorney general rejected the summary, which means that they have to resubmit and rephrase the petition language. he has certified one medical
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deciding on a third by friday. it's severe weather preparedness week, and a a tornado drill will be held at 10:15 this morning and 7:35 tonight. indiana officials are urging families, school and businesses to practice their safety plans. hot new tv on settling in after being delivered by a rare c section. if you are not near your tv, you have to see a video of these little guys. their births were deemed high risk, and the veterinarians had to perform the c-section to protect them and their mother. the two are getting round the clock hair of care at the zoo. because they are getting round the clock care, you have to assume that their health is still fragile. >> a crucial update, if you want to keep reading you may need to check on your kindle. i would think that, it's like, you had, you know, you got to protect.
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application, how a maman we continue to follow breaking news out of brussels. two explosions reported at the airport there and one the a a metro station. the latest report there's 23 people dead, and 35 severely injured. european officials are calling
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were suicide bombers and they believe isis is responsible. 38 degrees right now. we have partly cloudy skies, we're going to get warmer today as we head into the low 60s this afternoon with a blend of sunshine and clouds. we're tracking rain in your extended forecast, detailed time line on when that gets here is coming up in minutes, jen. we remain accident-free on the roads. it's a great day out on the interstates. volume of traffic is picking up in the usual hotspots, but so sheila. trending now a new orleans teenager who was interviewing for a job made a bigger impression than was expected. he managed to stop a robbery in progress at a popeye's new orleans. >> i wasn't scared or nervous, i just got up and did it. >> he held a thief in an arm lock until police got there. he was trying to help the woman in need, the woman working the
6:42 am
he also got the job. >> i'd say. >> that is a large young man. when he holds somebody, they stay held. >> he looks so nice otherwise. >> yeah, yeah. >> a creative contest open to the public, why both may suffer. also. >> everybody was out with their cameras. it looked like a parade and i had no clue what was going on.
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how neighbors it is 6:25, we continue to cover breaking news, extra security is being deployed in new york city and france right nowful. a command center is telling everyone in brussels to use social media and text messages to talk to family to. facebook activated its security check system after the bombs in brussels and airport station. european officials say isis is likely responsible. the u.s. embassy is urging all americans to avoid public transportation and stay where they are. happening today, back here in this country, voters in idaho, arizona and utah will cast ballots who should be their presidential nominee. hillary clinton is trying to extend their lead.
6:46 am
on foreign policy during the trip in washington where he suggested that the u.s. should nato. clinton criticized trump for being neutral and pro israeli. and better than better bernie sanders said that the u.s. should be a friend to the israelis. and women players ride on the cote coat tails of the men, and men carry the sport. the women tennis association calls morris remarks extremely disappointing and alarming. happening to morning, a california family lost a 34-year-old battle to adopt their foster daughter. she is part native american, and the indian child welfare act want to keep native american
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well, now you are seeing heart wrenching video of leslie being ripped out of her foster parents yesterday. she is being sent to live with her extended family at utah. the next time your child brings a, this kid he led police on a high-speed chase in a stolen cement truck around a minnesota town. a state trooper pulled that child for speeding and then the girl drove off, and the chase went up the streets at 70 miles per hour, helicopters were called in to follow the chase. >> i bet you have seen him, 6, 7, different times. smiling and hooping and hollering. he was having a good time. i talked to his dad, he wasn't very happy. >> i guess not. that kid faces charges, luckily, fortunately no one was hurt. trending now, it's time to
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crucial update. all kindles made in 2012, need an update. if you don't do it until today. you won't be able to access the books, and connect to the internet. if you wait until tomorrow you will have to manually download the update. it's getting ready to sail in a few years. and officials want your help to name it. they were hoping for inspirational names, but the name among voters so far is the rrs boaty mack boat face. [ laughter ] >> a distant second place, is the rrs henry warsly, in honor of the explorer who died in january attempting a solo trip across the atlantic. and the rrs u.s. boat. >> i like that one.
6:49 am
that is the rapper vanilla ice. don't open up anything. [ laughter ] >> let this be a lesson to you. the arctic, the cold. [ laughter ] >> but we both face, i don't know where anybody is at snsh i know. >> so does the boat face. [ laughter ] >> it is. i guess it's not held to take it. >> i think they said that they don't have to -- >> we will take suggestions, just claim it. >> they will have to. >> how are the roads looking? >> the roads are looking great. we are accident-free. i want to update folks depend. since we have been tracking the terror attacks in belgium, and the airport are closed. could see residual delays of sea flights, looking at cbg, and i did notice a few more delays, i have no idea if these delays are
6:50 am
seeing a delay and have one in chicago, dallas, i'm seeing a delay as well as newark. if you are departing from cbg, make sure your flight is on time. they we are seeing a few more delays, looking at interstates, we remain accident-free, we are seeing, as you would expect, i-75 southbound heavy from union center, as you head down the lockland split, and at red bank as well this morning. just typical on the interstates this morning, 471 heavy as well as you head between u.s. 27. as soon as the camera loads, actually it doesn't look too bad. off and on traffic. still chilly but not as cold this time yesterday. we're going to get cold and windy, and that is how it's going to be in the next couple phses of days, a big ridge is pushing all of this air in our direction. warm and winty as we move through today -- windy as we
6:51 am
and out in the colorado rockies a high pressure, this is going to track toward the great lakes dragging a cold front in here, and that is going to mean rain and even potential thunderstorms as we head into the day on thursday. today, though, looking nice, we're looking at the downtown now from the atrium weather medical cam, 38 degrees, a south wind at 10, and a windchill of 31. winds are going to pick up as we move through the day, could gust over 20 miles per hour at times making for a windy day. we start in the 30s, by noon we are warmer than we were all day yesterday up to fee, and we top out around 63 late this afternoon under a blend of sunshine and clouds, but just watch the winds, they're going to get gusty later on. nothing on radar, it's quiet here. passing clouds for us but we take you west, and you can see the signs of that system developing. bringing parts of idaho and utah and showers through california or washington sate, even snow in the higher elevations there.
6:52 am
push some rain in here come thursday. there's a slight chance for a shower late wednesday, too, but most remain dry. today we're dry, notice not much in the way of cloud cover, a few clouds in the afternoon. by late day i expect temperatures to be in the low 60s across the entire area, and those winds will be gusting out of the south and southwest. could gust over 30 miles per hour at times into the afternoon, so be aware of that. tonight, it stays breezy, winds won't be quite as strong but quiet conditions through tomorrow morning. be in the 40s, upper 40s tomorrow morning, highs just a couple of days ago in the upper 40s, and as we take you through tomorrow, we're expecting an increase in clouds, a slim chance for an isolated shower late day, most of us remain rain-free, and we're back in the 60s tomorrow afternoon. through tomorrow night that, is when we start to see a better chance for a few showers right on through thursday morning. some showers are possible for your thursday morning drive. on thursday morning,
6:53 am
warm in the 50s, and then thursday afternoon, here comes the rain, even rain in the morning, but the afternoon will feature the best chance for rain and even embedded thunderstorms with highs close to 60. some areas could pick up an inch or better of rainfall during the day thursday. 60s the next two days, windy and warm, a slim shower chance again late tomorrow, but there's the wet day on thursday with a high of around 60 degrees, friday we're cooler 49, and then we bounce right back up for the weekend with 60s on both saturday, and on sunday. now on sunday, we're bringing the rain chances down a little bit. some of our more reliable information shows the best chance of rain may hold off until monday but right now we have a slight chance of a shower on easter sunday with a high of around 66. we will continue to keep you updated with that forecast on tv, online, on social media and
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app, back to you. we have an update and breaking news on brussels. you can check on family and friends by using facebook safety
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>> this is after sue assayed suicide bombings in brussels. they are increasing security, and the both britain and france is stepping up security at the borders and they are urging americans to avoid public transportation and stay where they are. icise is isis is likely responsible for the terrorists attacks. family and friends will say their finally good-byes to a 4-year-old boy. visitation will start at 4:00. cooper's stepmother ana richie is in jail for his death. the little boy died after richie punished him by putting his legs in scalding hot water. the ohio river is still too dangerous for drivers to get to that car that plunged off the bridge last week. they are hoping to get to the car, they have been contacted by the family of a missing man whom car. coming up on cbs this morning, cleveland is preparing for unrest at the republican
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and on "good morning cincinnati" on star 64, we will give you a chance to win ticket to see ringo starr and his all-star band at the r and n pavilion.
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